Larto Cabins & RV Park LLC


Kim Voorhies

Welcome to Larto Cabins & RV Park LLC!
Larto Lake and Saline Lake are the 2 major lakes making up the Saline Larto Complex.
The 8,000 acre complex of swamp bayou’s and lakes offer outstanding fishing and
hunting. Dewey Wills Wildlife Management Area is 61,876 acres of excellent hunting and fishing that borders Larto Lake.

Larto Lake and Saline Lake offers everything from hunting and fishing to nature
watching and photography. Come and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and get away from
the weekly grind. Come and stay with us at Larto Cabins & RV Park  and find out why
Larto Lake captures everybody who visits it!

                                               Larto Cabins & RV Park LLC
                                                              107 DuFour Lane Hwy 3102
                                                             Jonesville, LA 71343
                                                    Manager's Cell: (318) 437-8695

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